Having sprouted from producing an Indigenous Arts Festival, the REZILIENCE Organization now creates and runs programs that are more focused and intimate spaces to offering skill building, knowledge sharing and community building components for Indigenous peoples and allies! Within many Indigenous communities, cultural core-values have been passed down through generations and promoted through ceremonies. Still today, many stories, life-ways, technologies and beliefs allow us to connect to our ancestors and maintain these core-values. Some generations old and some new, the various practices utilized by Indigenous peoples around the world help us to maintain relationships, understanding and self-reliance. This is the fabric that binds our people and will continue to promote cultural vitality, increase knowledge and support consierate engagement between us and this world into the future.

Our programs are constructed with consideration of these values, with these ideals and for the needs of our communities into the future. We construct our activities through culturally responsive methods and inclusivity, and seek to embody the teachings of our peoples through every program. We acknowledge this as our truth and allow it to guide our work to support the collective creation and sharing of knowledge, tools and practices that encourage growth for our peoples, near and far.

The PLACE Program consists of three compartments. The PLACE Raising program, The PLACE Essential Sessions and the PLACE Convergence all assume activities that support each other and the overall goals for this program. Building Skills and Communityship are the primary focuses of the P.L.A.C.E. Program.

The PLACE Raising Cohort is and annual program that brings together Indigenous organizers, artists, educators and more, to expand understanding around community building techniques and opportunties through the facilitation of the PLACE Raising curriculum. This select group also collaborates to design a high-engagement event plan for the annual PLACE Convergence event which aims to provide space for Indigenous peoples and allies to connect and learn with one another.

These intimate online sessions are coordinated twice a month over 5 months, in the Winter/Spring and Summer/Fall seasons. Adapted from the PLACE Convergece plan in 2020, these sessions are a space for community knowldege holders to share their work, information, tools and methods with the public over ZOOM. Participants are also encouraged to share thier knowledge and engage in open dialogue about given topics under the PLACE focuses of People, Land, Arts, Culture and Ecology.

A 2 day event tentatively scheduled for fall 2021 that brings Inidgenous peoples and non-Indigenous allies together to share processes, tools, methods and more with the goal of expanding the REZILIENCE community of practice and support. This event is designed by the PLACE Raising Cohort as a tool to practice program coordinating skills and experiement with community engagement techniques to encouraging growth for our communities.







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